Those days

Those days have come, when society will isolate me,

When I will not be able to sit in the same room with my classmates,

The days when I can’t attend school anymore

Those days when I can’t sleep in the same house with my family,

When I will spend nights without bathing.

The days when I can’t eat good food even when it’s available

The days when I can’t play with my friends,

When I can’t go to the market or even to the hospital

Those days that make me feel like I’m dead while I am living.

The days have come, to be called unclean, untouchable, impure,

The days when a normal and natural process will become a secret

When I will have to suffer in silence.

Those days when I will not be allowed to sit and have a meal with my family,

When I can’t join the community in any function, not even in prayers

Those days that make some think a minor is ready for marriage,

The days when I can’t even touch a plant,

When I am not allowed to cook

The days which make me feel like I am nothing

No one prepared me for those days, even when they

knew they will come,

I’m afraid to ask my parents, the only person I can talk to is my friend,

Who also knows very little about those days

No one can understand that I need sanitary pads, menstrual cups, tampons or clean cotton cloths during those days.

They don’t know that I need to drink a lot of water and eat good food during those days

They don’t know at times I need medicines to relieve the pain during those days

They don’t know that I need to exercise and relax during those days

They don’t know that I need their support to make those days safer for me.

I am motivated by those women and men, who taught us all about menstruation.

Who can confidently talk about those days.

They represents a community that I want to see

The community in which I believe menstruation matters everyday, everywhere

It’s something which is normal and not a taboo

And no one should be afraid to talk about it.

Now I know menstruation is normal and it’s what make me special

I feel proud that I am growing into a young woman who will one day, change Africa.


Inspired by International Women`s Day

Be Bold For Change

Be bold to question, to challenge and fight the conscious and unconscious gender biases within yourself, Be a voice, a speech, an author, a poet, a writer for her story,
Be a fighter, a lawyer, an advocate, defender for her rights,
Be the courage, the motivation, the hope for her future,
Be a change, a catalyst, a leader for her community,
Be a keeper, a mentor, hope for her goals,
Be a teacher, a parent, a social worker, a friend who listens to her concern,
Be bold for change

Be bold to stand with her, nurture her into a future leader,
Let everyone understand being a feminist is not becoming a perfect human being but simply someone who understand her privileges and responsibilities,
Her rights and duties,
Give her the opportunity to be herself,
Let her learn and lead,
Let her start business, be a boss , a manager, a CEO
Be bold for change,

Take a challenge,
Broaden your knowledge about diversity and inclusion,
Challenge policies, laws and cultures that limit her participation,
Be a leader who listens to her voice,
Speak against the gender disparities,
Welcome different points of view and value different individuals as they are,
Support efforts to end Gender based violence,
Support her to get high quality education,
Give her skills and resources to manage her business,
Respect her decisions
Point out bias and highlight alternatives,
Applaud social, economic, cultural and political women role models,
Celebrate women’s journeys and the barriers overcome,
#BeBoldForChange this 2017 IWD and beyond.